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Wellness stay

Book wonderful accommodation

Book one or more nights in order to achieve a true feeling of wellness. Blåvand Kurbad is a part of the Hvidbjerg Beach Resort and you are only a few ocean waves away from a number of nice and relaxing types of accommodation.

Sublime beach villa

Stay in a gorgeous beach villa with plenty of room for relaxing, putting your feet up and detighten yourself. It might the the most spectacular vacation villa in Denmark (psst... it also has a spa and a fire place on the deck!)

Beautiful beach hotel

Wind yourself down in the wonderful wellnesscenter and spend a night at the Hvidbjerg Beach Hotel, where you can let the soothing ocean sounds lull you to sleep.

Stay in our cabins

We have many different cabins for our different types of visitors. The fantastic Fisherman's cabin is absolutely incredible and gives you the lake under you and the stars above you.

Free as a camping bird!

You can also roll up in your own van and enjoy a camping holiday at one of the best campsites in Europe.

Book your treatment

If you wish to book a treatment or have any questions, please contact us.