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Spa and wellness

Let yourself sink into one of our many pools or let you body relax completely in one of our many saunas or steam baths. 

Dive into one of our many pools:

  • Outdoor pool
  • Cold water pool
  • Outdoor spa
  • Hot water pool
  • The relaxing pool
  • Hot beds
  • Kneipp - cold stream
  • Resting spots
  • Foot tub with heated benches

In Blåvand Kurbad & Wellness there are different types of saunas:

  • Sauna aromatherapy, the Finish way where the sauna supervisor pours scented water on the schorching stones and swings a towel around in the air.
  • Fire sauna with features from open fire.
  • Infrared sauna. Extra good if you have back- or joint pain, reumatisme or athritis due to the depth of the tissue that the heat reaches. Perfect for sports injuries.
  • Soft sauna (50-60 degrees celcius) is with a little bit of steam. A mix between sauna and steam room that combines the advantages.

A steam bath is not just a steam bath. It can be a classic steam bath with up to 100% humidity. Fragrant herbs can also be added.

Rhassoul: Hot room with hot tiles on the floor. After the herbal steam has opened up your pores, you can smear mineral clay onto your body. After a while, the body is cleansed by rain shower systems from the ceiling. Happens every day at 3 p.m. and reservation on +45 76542518 is necessary.

Mineral sauna (40-50 degrees celsius) in a dry room with strong salty minerals in the air. By inhaling the salty air, you will achieve therapeutic effects, especially beneficial for your respiratory system.

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