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Spa treatments

Single and couple treatments

Enjoy a treatment with a full body peeling. After that, you will relax in a calming bath that softens the tensions and stimulates the senses. The treatment is ended with a massage of your back side, which gives you a nice and relaxed body.

65 min. 775 DKK

For 2 persons 1.425 DKK

Enjoy this special spa treatment where the body is scrubbed with a restorative peeling. Then you will indulge in a wonderful eucalyptus bath that relieves tired muscles. Th treatment ends with a full body massage, which gives the whole of your body a complete feeling of wellness. Remember your swimsuit.

80 min. 895 DKK

For 2 persons 1.650 DKK

This treatment focuses on giving you a feeling of total bliss. Your body is massaged with warm lavender oil and hot lava stones. Your face is treated with deep cleansing minerals and massage. The heavenly treatment is ended with a scalp massage with the calming varm lavender oil.

80 min. 995 DKK

For 2 persons 1.895 DKK

The two of you will begin with a refreshing foot bath and a light foot massage. In our beautiful double room, your bodies are peeled in a deep cleansing body scrub, After this, you will sit in each your tub in a bath of warm water with aromatic oils. You can relax with some refreshments and a glass of wine in the resting area. Returned to the treatment room, your bodies will be massaged with hot lava stones, which is incredibly de-stressing and deeply relaxing. At the end of the treatment, your faces get a wonderful facial. Remember your swimsuits.

2 persons 170 min. 3.350 DKK

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